Georgios Koulieris

Your host: Georgios Koulieris

Georgios Koulieris

Georgios was born in Anopoli Anno 1976. He attended the village primary school, which takes about 100 local children and is located right at the central plaza. As a youth he went to the secondary school in nearby Hora Sfakion for four years. Georgios has pursued various professions, including building with stone and keeping animals. Many jobs in this farming community are seasonal, for example you may find Georgios treading grapes for wine around january or february. He worked for two years as a child security officer at the school in Hora Sfakion, and also worked for a time for the Mayor of Sfakia.

BTW: We found some great pictures in and around Anopoli on Flickr, including some of Georgios, his father and some friends.

Georgios father lives nearby in Anopoli, and his sister works – among other things – at one of the larger taverns at the main plaza. One thing you soon learn staying in Sfakia is that “everybody knows everybody”, and Georgios is no exception to this. You’ll often see some of his friends and relatives enjoying a glass of home-made wine or a meal at the tavern.

Georgios Koulieris 2013

Georgios main passion is cooking – which he does remarkably well. After school he worked as a chef and barman for six years on a ferry boat, then at Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, at two different taverns in Hora Sfakion and for two years at a tavern in Frangokastello, 13 kilometres east of Hora Sfakion. His speciality is traditional greek and cretan food – he reckons that he can to cook about 99% of all traditional dishes!