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Tim Reeves

Tim Reeves B.Sc.
I was born 1954 in Southeast England, and received a B.Sc. in Computing Science and (Astro-) Physics from Queen Mary College, London in 1975. After two years work in England I emigrated to Germany, initially to the Black Forest, then in 1979 on to Munich, where I made my home.

I have worked predominantly as a programmer, but also six years as a group leader for relationship topics and perception training. Later the focus of my work moved back to Internet Programming and Server Management, which has since remained my core occupation.

My thirst to understand the meaning of life sparked private study of cosmology, quantum physics and spiritual topics. In the course of time, these led to a noticeable leaning towards Tibetan Buddhism. In the latter years the focus of my private life has moved on to apply my spiritual world view to practical matters: I was engaged in the Dachauer Amper-Taler regional currency, and co-authored the concept of Regional Economic Communities. I am particularly interested in currency reform and a strong supporter of unconditional basic income (UBI; also known as BIG – basic income grant).

I have 3 daughters, the eldest with a B.Sc. in Theoretical Physics from ICL. My personal orientation is to view and perceive things from as large a perspective as possible.

My professional web presence is:
Tim Reeves Internet Services.

Gabriele Meischner

Gabriele Meischner
I was born in 1969 in Munich – as you can see with disabilities (due to morbus crouzon syndrome) which lead to over 40 operations. I must be as tough as old boots, since I’m still hanging on in, trying my best to live a constructive life.

After school I took a 3 year apprenticeship at a teaching academy for people with bodily disabilities in midwest Germany. Unfortunately the trade I learnt was promptly obsoleted by the upcoming computer technology, so I went on to earn a limited college qualification in pedagogics and psychology. Despite my efforts, and due to my remaining disabilities (and partly to the way I look) I was never able to get a job. So I used my time as best I could – voluntary work for the ecological democratic party, active membership in Conscience and Peace Tax Germany, and several organisa­tions promoting local trade based on alternative currencies: LETS Munich, TimeBank Munich e.V. and the ReeComm Munich Cooperative (Regional Economic Community).

I was born deaf, with major deformity of the middle ears – a condition which could only be operated on after the majority of skull growth had happened, when I was about 5½ years old. Some small measure of hearing was achieved, but even with bone con­duction hearing aids I’m still quite hard of hearing. In total my medical treatments and extended periods in hospitals domin­ated the first 20 years of my life – so in these formative years I perforce lived a very isolated life.

This isolation – a lack of experiencing life as most young people do – left me with a burning desire for sensual experience of all kinds. These I savor very consciously yet with abandon, and take great joy in them. I love to feel myself in this body, on this earth; and I love to feel free, to feel open space around me and the air and sun on my skin. Crete gave me all this more vividly than ever in my life before!

On the gravel tracks behind Anopoli, which lead through the plateau and on into the White Mountains, you’ll rarely see another person. So I walked, feeling free with the sun and air on my body, drinking in the vast rocky panoramas – and thanks to my poor hearing did not notice the pickup full of tourists overtaking me. When I did they were right behind me, leaving me no time to put on the wraparound garment in my hand – so we all just laughed and waved.

My private web presence is:
Meischners World – Gabriele Meischner.