The Rooms

Largest rentable rooms in Anopoli?

Rooms and Prices
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Rear room, looking to center

A lot of space…

Space is the very nature of Anopoli – a long drawn-out village on the high plateau of the Sfakia region. Everywhere is space, light, rugged scenery and breathtaking views. Georgios rooms match this nature perfectly, being on the outskirts of town and both with a direct view of the white mountains from their windows.

Their large size and their beds for 5 – 6 people make them ideal for large families or small groups – a group of five in one room pay only €5 per person and night!

at very reasonable prices

In 2013 Georgios was billing on a per-person price, depending on how many in the room, and including board. This seemed to us altogether too cheap and to disadvantage him (he was always generous, independent of his own circumstances), so together we worked out the following rates, which seem both fairer (to him) and more flexible (for you):

  • €25 per room and night (when occupied by 1 – 2 people)
  • €30 per room and night (when occupied by 3 – 5 people)
  •   €5 per person for breakfast
  • €10 per person for dinner

The room rates are per room, not per person (yup, we said it’s very reasonable)! The food prices apply only to room guests and do not include beverages at dinner.

House: West side
Anopoli Rooms Koulieris House side view

House side view, with windows of both rooms and entrance to one

House: Rear view
Anopoli Rooms Koulieris House rear view

Rear view of house, with entrance to second room

View from rooms and wasp trap
View from side room and wasp trap

View from both rooms, with self-made wasp trap in foreground