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Cretan food in Taverna Koulieris, Anopoli

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About Georgios Taverna
Tavern menu

The Menu

As you can see, in some respects Georgios has bowed to the (imagined?) pressure to conform and also offers the standard greek and european food that he thinks visitors may want – the ubiquitous greek salad, tsatziki, souvlaki and even chicken and chips. But you can also note that many typical greek and cretan dishes are on offer. All prices are towards the lower end of the local price range (about 10 € for a warm meal), the quality of the food and cooking clearly at the top end!

Cretan food

As you can read on his biography page, Georgios is an experienced cook, including 6 years on a ferry and two on the isle of Lesbos.

He has a talent for cooking, and has learned many greek, and virtually all cretan and sfakian recipies more out of passion than duty. We suggest that when you are there, don’t ask to see the menu; rather, ask him what’s fresh and what he would like to make for you – that way you can experience some real cretan food or local specialities. By appointment he’ll gladly fire up the wood grill in front of the tavern (see picture below) for a meal to remember!

The tavern, looking west
Taverna Koulieris, Anopoli, viewed east to west

Taverna Koulieris, Anopoli – viewed east to west

Self-made wood-fired stone grill
Taverna Koulieris, Anopoli - stone-built wood-fired grill

Taverna Koulieris, Anopoli, has a stone-built wood-fired grill, designed and built by Georgios himself